Top Ten Dating Rules

Geplaatst op 09-04-2024

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Abiding by some basic, easy to follow dating rules that have been tested again and again by past failures will ensure your dates go smoothly.

Dating Rule 1 – House Dates

Your first date should never be at a house. Keep it a neutral location such as a restaurant. You don’t know how this first date is going to go. A neutral location is an easy out just in case things take a turn for the worse.

Dating Rule 2 – Life Stories

Believe it or not your dates not interested in your life story on the first date so keep your stories and secrets to yourself. There is plenty of time for that later.

Dating Rule 3 – Family

Let your future partner meet the parents at their own pace. This should be done once the two of you actually know each other. Often dating partners feel pressured into thinking they have to get approval from their family first. Find out if your date is right for you first, get to know them and then let them meet the parents.

Dating Rule 4 – Control

You will not be able to change or mould a person into who you want them to be. Even if you succeed, they will never be happy living a life controlled by someone else.

Dating Rule 5 – Emotion

A guy who is too emotional on the first few dates is bound to get the boot. Do not falsely believe that in order to get a womens attention you need to be touchy feely. Keep your emotions in check and you will have a much better chance of giving a good first impression.

Dating Rule 6 – Keeping In Contact

Understanding reasonable contact times and frequencies is crucial. Texting her/him 10 times in a day with only 1 response would be the definition of clingy. Keep your phone calls emails and texting to a minimum.

Dating Rule 7 – Compliments

A good personal compliment that is authentic can really keep your date interested and coming back for more. Once again keep these to a minimum. The dating rule that should hold true for most situations is to come across loving without trying to. It may take a conscious effort to ensure you comment on her dress and hair. But overdo these compliments and you will seem like your trying to hard.

Dating Rule 8 – Dating Behaviour

When you meet someone for the first time it’s the little things that count. Dress appropriately, smell nice and act appropriately for the situation. You should be yourself but maybe tone down the excessive behaviour that you use with your mates. Remember this is a date and will be successful if you create a relaxed fun atmosphere – just balance this with appropriate behaviour.

Dating Rule 9 – The Money Issue

It is polite for men to pay for the bill but remember you are yet to really understand this person so don’t go spoiling her too early. Once you are sure she is for you then really pamper her but early on keep the obsessive spending on your investments!

Dating Rule 9 – Easy Boy

Don’t force anything on both her and your expectation of the date. The date may not go to plane… This is ok, It’s natural. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Take it easy and let the date unfold without putting pressure on her or yourself. High expectations can just put undue pressure on the night.